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One thing I love besides sex, sleep and family is food. I finally came out of the closet to reveal myself as a foodie(as if it was a bad thing to be a foodie?) and I love to try different foods. My favorite is Asian foods such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. Nothing against western flavors, but these cuisines are always bold in flavor and offer something different for the palate. And of course, I like to eat vegan and vegetarian foods as well. I’m still growing to like raw food although it’s mostly fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds you’re eating. Unfortunately, I could never bring myself to be a veg, mostly due to my love/hate relationship with meat, and my undying love of fried chicken. But I do try to eat less of it and so far, that battle is 50/50.

But sugar and carbs on the other hand are wearing me down. I am like a crack addict when it comes so sugar, so much that some of my products are inspired by sweet creations. When I don’t get my fix, I start tweaking and getting all jittery until I am able to satisfy my urges. Sometimes I break off my relationship with Mr. Sugar Daddy thinking that this is the last time, and I’m not fucking with him no more because of what I become(fat, overweight, obese, diabetic) when I’m with him, but he just makes me feel sooooo good and I just gotta have one bite, maybe a little indulgence. See? Wash, rinse, repeat. Carbs are needed to fuel the body with energy but too much can make u sluggish. And that damn sugar likes to hide in carbs like simple carbohydrates including but not limited to bread, pastries, and cookies.

I bring up this up because I have noted before in my other blog about attitudes about food in the African-American community( ) Why is it that we are afraid to try new things and only stick to what is recognizable and comfortable? And I hate to say this, but lets keep it real, most of the food that we eat is not only not good for us, it’s just not that good. Shit swimming in grease, fried, or soaked in butter piled atop of more shit soaked in grease not only does not look too appealing, but it’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Is that shit supposed to be comfort food? Is that really down-home cooking? Becuase every time I’ve taken a bite of a that stuf, I get this painful, heavy sensation in my gut, like it’s telling me,”really Christine? This shit again? Did u not get the memo the last time u were on the toilet? or in the hospital a few years back cuz u couldn’t shit? smdh…” yeah, really not that comforting. Ok, I do admit that I do engage in a burger once in a while and I was one of those people excited about  Sonic coming to the neighborhood. But I know as well as u know of at least one person that eats like this everyday. Yet they wonder why they must pay more insurance, have low sex drive, are always tired, and complain about that weird feeling in their chest and gut.

Natural and organic food is boring, lacking in flavor, looks unappealing and lacking in flavor. I meant to put lacking in flavor twice. Not all of it is, but that’s the criticism you’d most likely hear. And that it’s too expensive. I don’t come from a lot of money myself, but at least every other payday, I try to venture to Whole(paycheck) Foods, MOMs, or Trader Joes to indulge in something healthier for my family.  I also attend farmer’s markets around the area for fresh produce and try some of the local flavors of homemade jellies and cookies(organic of course). There’s no excuse. Preparing your own food has it’s good and bad because at least you know what you’re putting in your food, but at the same time, don’t know how many calories you’re consuming and let’s face it, who weighs their food these days to note porti0n control? With all the hoopla about African Americans and our health issues, it seems to me that not only are we getting fatter and lazier, but we’re becoming ignorant about food in general while only sticking to what is familiar to us and what feels good. If you ask us if we ever had goat cheese, brie or kim chee, we’d probably tell you hell naw, or make that I’m not eating anything that smells weird face. Hell, I still get funny looks from folks when I cut into my medium rare steak at Ruby Tuesdays. We can be adventurous with sex, but not with food, hmmmm…….

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