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Merry Christmas Everyone! I woke up at 8am this morning and got my daughter to open her presents. So far, She only likes the Elmo ones, but she’s warmed up to her playdoh set and she likes her Barbies. I went to her Christmas party at her school on Thursday. They had a big moon bounce in the classroom and I jumped right on in with the kids. I had a blast with the kids and they almost wore me out, but I couldn’t let that happen before I got to work. One kid asked me to explain the warning signs on the moon bounce. She asked me what the picture with the overweight person crossed out meant. I told her that meant that no fat people are allowed in the bounce. She then asks me, “Does that mean you can’t go in?”

I have a sense of humor. I thought her comment was pretty funny. I told her, of course I can go in, as long as it don’t break(lol). I think that someone else would have gotten offended and not said anything to her. For the record, I’m not really obese. Well, my BMI(body mass index) stands at 34.3 so that’s early obese. One would not be able to tell just by looking at me though. I’ve been told that I’m curvy and thick, but one wouldn’t look at me as fat. And I’ve lost weight, gained it back, but now, I’m really starting to lose it again. At one point, my BMI was 37.4. It was pretty terrible and I felt the difference. Lack of sex drive, low self-esteem, breathing trouble, and that nasty feeling in my gut. So it’s been a long road for me to get back down to my size 8 instead of my current 13. It’s also necessary for me business wise to represent a healthy image for my company. No, I don’t wanna be super skinny, I wanna keep my curves. But I also want to keep up with my daughter and drop about 30-40 lbs by the spring. It’s a lot healthier for me to be lighter, it’s really not hard to explain. So far, my workout regime is as follows:

Cardio Tae Bo with Billy Blanks – Every other day. This mostly works my upper body using the bands he supplies to go on your feet and hold in your hand. Really fun and motivational

Sit ups – everyday. Ok, lately I’ve been slacking, but so far, I can do 35 situps without stopping. I wanna get back up to 70-75 that I did when I was in the army

Running – It’s been too cold to go out and run, so I’ve been sticking with my dvds. But when it gets warmer, I like to run around the park near me and up to Penn station. It’s about 2 miles.

Yoga – I have the power yoga dvd that last about an hour. It’s mostly strength training but it’s really good and I like to do it on rest days.

Squats – My derriere has been admired by many, male and female. I can do squats and lunges for days. The trick is to squat like you’re about to sit in a chair. Hold that position for a second and come back up. Make sure that your knees are not over your toes, otherwise that would result in injury

So that is my schedule. I try to be disciplined and I have no problem working out, but it’s just my diet that I have to work on. Don’t mind giving up fried foods or processed foods, but carbs and sugar are what I need to work on. So far in the past, It’s been a combination of exercise, stress, and eating less as a result of the stress that’s helped me lose some weight. But now that we are going into a new year, I am really going to put forth the effort to lose the rest of this weight so I can look fabulous this summer(not that I already don’t ).

To calculate your Body Mass Index, go to this link

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