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My daughter is in the room watching Sesame Street. Elmo is to Cori what Justin Bieber is to a tween.  She eats with him, sleeps with him, they use the bathroom together and she even wipes him after they’re done. But lately, I’ve been trying to watch my language around her because she repeats and does the same things I do. I suppose you can say that she looks up to me and her dad, but I think she just likes being a mommas’ girl. She used to say ‘shit’ a lot but I had to tell her not to say that. She’ll go, “Oops, don’t say that”.  She even pops herself on the leg(it’s cute, I try not to laugh lol). I know I curse a fair amount on this blog, but hell, It’s my damn blog. I also curse when I’m out and about, but fuck it, I’m grown and I handle my business. However, I have to say that it’s been interesting having to watch my language around my daughter because she picks up on things and repeats them word for word. One time, she gave her dad an alphabet and told him what that was. Then she said, “H? Where the hell is H?” He didn’t say anything, he just did a smh and told me about it later. So for now, I try not to curse around her, I don’t let her listen to music that has a lot of profanity and let’s face it, as far as TV goes, if it ain’t Elmo, Mickey, Yo Gabba, and Barney, she’s really not interested much. Well, maybe Family Guy and the Simpsons, but she’s doesn’t repeat what they say. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and my parents would curse all the time around my brother and I. They would always say, “Don’t do what I do, Do as I say”. They never worried about watching their language then, but now, they make it a point not to use foul language unless something really upset them. Well, this only applies to my mother. My daddy still uses profanity.

I wrote a blog about a couple weeks ago about our loss of imagination and not believing in the possible anymore. I think that children have an impeccable sense of imagination. I think that’s why they are able to see things clearly in ways that adults can’t and not to mention, they are excellent bullshit detectors. For instance, my daughter doesn’t talk much around people she doesn’t know. I would tell her that it’s ok to say Hi to people but she would be silent. At her school, her teachers thought she had a speech impediment because she wouldn’t talk. At home, she was fine talking around her dad and I and she even opened up to my mom and his mom. But she doesn’t feel comfortable around people she doesn’t know and won’t go up to anybody to give them hugs and kisses. That goes for family too. She finally opened up in school and not only did her teachers find out that she can speak, but she can also do the alphabet in sign language. They put her in the advanced class. I don’t mind her not opening up much because if she’s not comfortable around a particular person, then she won’t go to that person on her free will. These days, I think that it’s ok for a child to feel her/his way through a situation before theyare comfortable. But then again, some kids are just different. Another thing that she does is she carries her Elmo everywhere she goes. I figured that children need security and that acts as her security blanket. Like Linus’ blue blanket from the Peanuts. Whenever she’s scared, feeling lonely, or need someone to play with, she grabs her Elmo and gives him a big kiss on the nose and talks to him. I think it’s really cute because I used to do that with my FiFi. But it could also mean that she’s ready for a sibling. Well, the later probably won’t happen but I’m pretty sure that she’ll grow out of it once she’s in elementary school and around other kids.

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