Taste bittersweet….

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I watched Tyler Perry’s, Madea’s Big Happy Family play over the weekend. I’m not going to get into some big philosophical argument about Tyler Perry’s movies but I will say that I like most of his work(love the plays, movies ok, hated For Colored Girls and Precious). They provide a positive message of healing, forgiveness, and letting go of hurt and excepting the realities of life. So I was on ybf.com yesterday and I read the story about Steve Harvey and his ex-wife putting him on blast on youtube and saying some pretty unsavory things about what caused the demise of their relationship and how he supposedly turned her son against her. I’m not here to judge neither party as I obviously do not know what went on in the relationship and what’s going on in her head for her to come out with her side of the story. But life is too short to be angry and bitter and holding on to what happened in the past. At the end of the day, sometimes, you have to except certain situations and people as they are and deal with them and move on. It’s a HardKnock life out there and at the end, it will only make you a much stronger and mature person for it.

Madea reminds me of many older matriarchs of families that come from the old school way of thinking. Ever heard your grandma say something that didn’t make sense to you then but now you apply it in you own life? Stuf like cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it, or if you play in that snow, you might catch a cold. She dishes out her own brand of advice from relationships and family secrets, to getting over life’s trial and tribulations. She reminds me of a lot of older people that I was lucky to befriend that enjoyed every minute of what life brings to them. They’ve been through heartache and pain and now have the wisdom to share with the world their own wisdom. I was talking to an older gentlemen in an elevator a while back and he said to me that it’s always a good day when your name is not in the obituary. Now, I thought that was cute and I smiled thinking to myself that of course he can afford to think like that, he looks like he’s in his 80’s. But that can be applied to my life and everyone else’s as well. I have a bad habit of worrying over things that I cannot change or wondering why life can’t give me a break sometimes. We all go through it as if it’s the end of the world, but there are others that are probably going through much worse. I felt like that when I lost my job, after I had my daughter and when my relationship ended. I know that for me, I believe in the power of prayer and I prayed and prayed for a long time for GOD to get me through and eventually he did. I know some people don’t believe in GOD or are not as spiritual but sometimes, talking to a friend helps or working on  fixing your inner self(DO YOU!). As for Steve’s ex-wife, again I’m not here to judge her(although that situation just sounds fishy to me) but we have to stop allowing people who hurt us make us bitter and angry because we only give them power over us. What is her point in coming out with this story now? Who knows?

I tell my daughter all the time when she cries because she can’t get her way that it’s life, deal with it. She’s only 3. In order to really get what you want out of life sometimes you have to go through hurdles and roadblocks. They serve as life’s teaching moments. My mom always say that you never get older, you get wiser. Would wisdom exist if people got everything they wanted out of life? Would pain, hurt and heartbreak exist? I stay around positive people and those who lift me up and not tear me down to their level. Let’s learn to forgive and move on…

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